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Matt Thornhill: What will housing consumers demand in 2030?

Dwayne Marsh: What does it look like to build communities that heal injustices and embrace equality?

Pete Gombert: How does an affordable housing business come out of shipping containers?

Paul Fortenberry: Can we re-think the relationship between on-site and off-site construction?

Roger Lewis: How to inspire innovation to the modern workplace

Chris Nicely: Can manufactured homes be a sustainable and affordable path to homeownership?

Tedd Benson: Are factory-built homes the solution to affordability?

Celia Smoot: How can public policy lead to greater innovations in housing?

Teresa Blake: Could digital mortgages make homes more accessible?

Jon Lawless: How is Fannie Mae preparing for the next generation of homebuyers?

Brian Gaudio: How do we design modern homes to be flexible for change?

Rob Robinson: How should we design affordable housing in the future?


Innovation in Housing

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